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Control Panel

The control panel is the central hub for getting things done with hosting.

Control Panel

How to empty the Trash bin in cPanel's File Manager

When deleting files and folders from cPanel's File Manager, they are not permanently deleted but...

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How to set up forwarders for cPanel email

Email forwarders allow you to redirect incoming emails from one email address to another. In...

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How to delete files via cPanel's File Manager

Congratulations! You've successfully deleted the files.

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How do I secure my site via HTTPS and SSL?

We provide free SSL certificates for all domains (and sub-domains!) that we host. In order...

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Can I use a database with my hosting?

Yes, we provide MySQL for users to host their WordPress or other database applications. You...

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How do I view my current disk usage on my Chillidog Hosting account?

In this guide, we'll walk you through viewing your current disk usage on your Chillidog...

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How do I add an additional site (Addon Domain) to my hosting?

In this guide, we'll walk you through adding additional sites (Addon Domains) to your hosting...

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How do I create a MySQL Database?

Chillidog Hosting supports the user of one of the most popular databases on the planet,...

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How do I add CNAME, DKIM, TXT or other DNS records to my domain?

The following assumes your domain is using our premium, DDoS protected named servers. If you're...

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