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Top Dog

Gregory Barchard

Born and raised just outside of Boston, MA, Greg hasn't strayed far from home as he still lives nearby with his wife and family. Greg attended Northeastern University, majoring in Electrical Engineering, before heading south to Pittsburgh, PA, graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in Science (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

While studying in Pennsylvania, Greg discovered a fondness for coffee and RapidWeaver. When Greg realized he needed more than what the core of RapidWeaver could offer, he started Chillidog Software to develop add-ons for Stacks and RapidWeaver which have become some of the most popular on offer.

In 2011, tired of excuses he kept hearing from hosting companies for their sluggish servers, Greg decided to create a first class hosting service that offered both top notch servers and unheard of quality customer service. He started off catering to - because he understood - RapidWeaver users and the challenges they experienced with other hosts. Soon Chillidog Hosting was up and running, which, in its first year, served sites of some of the largest, busiest and most respected RapidWeaver developers and users.

Today, Chillidog Hosting supports RapidWeaver, Wordpress, Weebly and a suite of products and services for almost every personal and professional website.

In his spare time, Greg does whatever Ivy (his little daughter) tells him to do and spends any free time he can muster playing almost anything on PlayStation.

Decoder Dog

William Woodgate

Based in the UK, William has over a decade of experience with web design and development; covering HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, MySQL and various development libraries. William works with a variety of different publishing platforms including RapidWeaver, Wordpress, Concrete5 and several flat-file content management systems.

While working with Greg in the development of Chillidog Software products, William also runs his own websites (ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks) providing a growing selection of powerful stacks and captivating RapidWeaver Theme designs. William also takes-on freelance web development work for clients.

In his spare time, William loves walking the moors and coasts of south west England, is a keen cyclist and a bit of a weather geek.

Support Dog

Brian LaPan

Originally from Los Angeles and now based in the arid desert of Arizona, Brian has over four decades acting as a peaceful conduit between technology and those unfamiliar with the inner workings of their devices. As a go-between for techs and coders, Brian uses his natural storyteller instincts to translate instructions to the end user in ways they can understand clearly.

There's a whole lot more to Brian's story, but you're going to have to use Google for that 😉

Real Dog


Full of energy, our canine team member is eager to comfort and support us when the code 'just doesn't work' or 'my latte's not hot enough.' Penny has 8 brothers and sisters, making her extremely patient and well behaved which is perfect for our busy environment. When not enjoying a good belly rub, Penny can be found happily curled up in numerous sun spots throughout the house or tucked comfortably under a desk.

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